The Google Chrome web browser is perpetually advancing, with significant updates being released at a rate that is higher than it has ever been, and minor additions appearing outside of the typical release cycle. Just in time for Data Privacy Day, a few additional privacy and security features have been implemented.

To begin, you can now use the search bar in Chrome to type “clear browsing data,” and then you can click the shortcut button to open the appropriate panel in Chrome’s settings. This has already been made available to some users, but according to Google, it should be functional for everyone. It’s a little bit like the new search bar filters that were introduced in December of last year.

Google is also rolling out an option to require biometric authentication (e.g. Face ID on iPhone or a fingerprint on Android phones) when you return to an Incognito session. It already arrived on Chrome for iPhone and iPad, and is “currently rolling out to Android users.” You can check it out by navigating to Settings > Privacy & Security > Lock incognito tabs when you close Chrome.

Google highlighted a few more security and privacy features in its blog post, but most of them have been available for a while, like the Privacy Guide that first arrived in Chrome 98. Either way, it’s great to see more ways to control your data in Chrome, though it’s probably still not the best web browser if data privacy is your top concern.

Google Chrome is a web browser developed by Google that is available for multiple platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android. Google is constantly working to improve the security and privacy features of Chrome, including adding new options for users to better control their online experience. These options may include things like blocking third-party cookies, disabling tracking, and enabling encryption for sensitive information. Additionally, Chrome regularly releases security updates to fix any known vulnerabilities in the browser.


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